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Guiding Principles

NITECAP recognizes and believes that:

  1.  The nighttime economy has equal value to the daytime economy 

  2.  The nighttime economy is a unique economic and cultural asset, not a liability

  3.  Economically and culturally vibrant cities thrive during both day and night  

  4.  The nighttime economy has unique needs that demand distinct and tailored policy   and planning to be sustainable and resilient

  5.  All local government policy decisions should include the nighttime economy   perspective

  6.  A successful nighttime economy and culture is equitable, diverse and inclusive

  7.  Investment in a professional role focused on night management, working inside or in   close coordination with local government, is essential for the nighttime economy

  8.  The longstanding lack of attention, resources, planning and management for the   nighttime economy is a systemic issue that needs to be addressed 

   9.  Nighttime is a space for all cultures and communities to socialize, create, celebrate, work, and thrive.

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